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An online Exam timer

What is a timer?

A timer is a device or tool that counts down a set amount of time, often used to measure or regulate the duration of an activity or event. It can be a physical device like a kitchen timer or a stopwatch, or it can be a software application on a computer or mobile device. Timers are used in various settings, such as cooking, sports, exercise, and productivity management, to help people keep track of time and stay on schedule. They can be set to count down from a specific time or to repeat at regular intervals.

Why do we use timers?

Timers are a useful tool for managing time and improving productivity, as they help individuals stay focused and complete tasks within a set timeframe.

The features of our timer:

  • Predefined exam times
  • Start/Stop
  • Reset
  • How does our Exam timer work?

  • Determine the amount of time you need to set the timer for. You can choose from the exam times displayed.
  • To start or pause the timer, press the "Start/Stop" button.
  • To restart the timer press the "Reset" button.
  • To use a custom cooking timer, please follow the link in italic.